Poster for series of events: “A Town of Books”
Schedule for series of events: “A Town of Books”
Project guidebook “The preservation and restoration of Cieszyn’s written heritage”

At the launch of the project covering preservation and restoration of Cieszyn’s written heritage, it was assumed that its promotional and informative activities could not be only limited simply to popularization of information about the project and its funding, but should be focused on communicating the information about project achievements, their meaning and benefits they offer. Such promotion and communication strategy, addressed to different target groups and implemented while using as wide range of methods and measures as possible, may allow more efficient, as it was presented and proven by specific effects, promotion of the EEA Financial Mechanism, increasing the effectiveness of the project itself at the same time and bringing it significantly closer to its strategic goal, i.e. directing the protected, restored and digitalized collections to a broader scientific and cultural circulation. Thus, keeping the traditional communication and promotion measures, such as information boards, brochures, leaflets, posters or websites, the project participants undertook also initiatives with a wider range, which – as it may be expected – will bring more profound and solid effects. These included the following: “Between Theory and Practice” conference, “Cieszyn Archives and Historical Libraries Trail” opened in the town, bilingual printed guidebook for Cieszyn libraries and archives, a set of teaching scenarios for library lessons available for download in the Internet and devoted to the literary heritage; research paper competition on the writing culture; and exhibitions.