One of the boards presenting the route of “Cieszyn Archives and Historical Libraries Trai

          One of the more important promotional instruments implemented within the project is an interpretive trail called “Cieszyn Archives and Historical Libraries Trail”. Aiming at popularization of the information related to the project, it should result in more efficient use of the project results. The trail includes educational activities coordinated on a regular basis (exhibitions, presentations, workshops, library lessons), realized by individual institutions participating in the project as indicated by the specifics of their collections. The goal of such activities is a broadly defined book culture, with particular consideration of the history of libraries and regional writings, as well as the issue of preserving historical library and archive resources.

Other tools of the trail include a printed guidebook to Cieszyn’s library and archive collections and online set of teaching scenarios for library lessons on Cieszyn’s written heritage. These are supplemented by information brochures and booklets presenting the collections of individual libraries and archives participating in the project.
One of the most attractive points of Cieszyn’s Book Trail is the Museum of Protestantism, which – established as a part of the project already in 2009 and then operating in the structure of Tschammer’s Archives and Library – offers additional options to present the historical writings.

The launch of “Cieszyn Archives and Historical Libraries Trail” was held on the 4th of March 2010 as a part of the series of events called “Cieszyn – A Town of Books”, to complete the project. During the opening event, guests visited all libraries and archives participating in the project, familiarizing on site with the effects of construction works, new equipment and effects of works related to protection, conservation, cataloguing and digitalization in individual units.