The principles of the management of the project The Preservation and Restoration of Cieszyn’s Written Heritage were defined in an agreement reached on 28 November 2005 between Książnica Cieszyńska, the State Archives in Katowice, the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia, the Lutheran Parish in Cieszyn and the Cieszyn Monastery of the Brothers Hospitallers’ Order. The director of Książnica Cieszyńska – the institution which led the consortium implementing the project – was responsible for the coordination of all the steps implemented in the project. Książnica’s director, directly responsible for managing the project in the institution he manages, coordinated the project’s implementation in all the partner institutions with the help of project leaders appointed in those institutions, and additionally supervised the work of the manager commissioned to take responsibility of the project’s administrative and financial aspects. Książnica’s chief accountant was responsible for the proper management of expenditure within the project.


A meeting of the coordinating team, consisting of the project managers from the partner institutions, the project manager’s representatives and the project coordinator.