Author’s presentation of the guidebook and scenarios for lessons – photo story

A set of teaching scenarios on books under the title “Book keeping, finding and searching”, covers 12 teaching scenarios for library lessons with additional computer-generated presentations to illustrate and provide explanations. For CD or DVD navigation, the entire material was provided with an interface containing an introductory word and navigation tools.
In accordance with the guidelines presented to the author, the teaching scenarios were to be adjusted to the secondary education level with consideration of the following elements: a) subject, b) lesson goals on general and operating levels, c) teaching methodology, d) resources, e) glossary of new terms, f) handy quotes from literature and/or source texts, g) basic reading list, h) detailed course of lesson with consideration of individual teaching contents (including references to respective presentation sections), i) control tasks, quizzes, crosswords, etc. On the other hand, the scenario presentations containing text information, photo reproductions illustrating the teaching contents and control tasks referring to the subject of a given lesson, were to be designed to offer the use both during a lesson and in self-education processes.

The aim of that material was mainly to popularize the information on the history, assets and importance of Cieszyn’s historical libraries. However, those issues were not to have a status of the subjects themselves neither in the teaching scenarios nor the presentations. As these should concern the broadly defined history of a book in all aspects (e.g. history of writing, book form, decorative techniques, print, libraries, etc.), information on Cieszyn’s collections, which is not the subject of teaching itself, was to be used an exemplary material in the teaching process. The attempt to present the history of books from the angle of Cieszyn’s collections should be considered not only as a procedure aimed at good exposure of their universal qualities, but mainly as a method that allows creating possibilities for using the teaching scenarios and presentations both in schools located in Cieszyn Silesia, where they could become an important instrument for regional education and far beyond the region boundaries, where in turn they could assist in the process of teaching the history of books (Polish literature, history or visual arts classes). At the same time, it was important to ensure high attractiveness of the scenarios and presentations on the information (interesting content), graphic (adequate selection of the illustrations, clear and attractive graphic design) and operating (teaching scenarios covering a diversified and wide range of teaching methods; animations and – if possible – interactive presentation content, particularly for quizzes, etc.) levels. The teaching scenarios and presentations were to form a consistent cycle in terms of form and content containing as complete and comprehensive information as possible.

The set of teaching scenarios available on the website, was based on the above assumptions and the layout of Henryk Hollender’s who was fully responsible for choosing the subjects and their content-related structure, text content of the entire material, selection of illustrations, as well as the graphic design for presentations and selection of their format.
The author of the cycle is a Ph.D in humanities at the Warsaw University who also completed post-graduate studies in library science at Kent State University (Ohio), USA. In years 1992-2003, he was the Director of the Warsaw University Library. Currently he is the Director of the Library of Ryszard Łazarski University of Business and Law in Warsaw. He is a member of the Editorial Board of “Roczniki Biblioteczne” (Library Annals), “Przegląd Biblioteczny” (Library Review) and “Slavic and East European Information Resources”. His achievements include more than 100 articles on library and information management, digital libraries, book history and communications, published in Poland and abroad. He has been associated with Cieszyn since the early nineties. As the member of the Programme Council of the Municipal Library Historical Department in Cieszyn, he participated in the preparation for unit autonomy and its transformation into Cieszyn Historical Library, as well as other projects. In years 1994 – 2010, he was a member of the Programme Council in Cieszyn Historical Library.

Lessons on libraries:


Subject Teaching scenario
Teaching scenario
Presentation PPT
  An old book… meaning what exactly?  Download  Download   Download
  True treasures  Download  Download   Download
  Impressa exactissime  Download   Download   Download
  Letters  Download   Download   Download
  At the Museum of Printing   Download   Download  
  Written in book pages: owners and users of the past   Download   Download   Download
  Jan Recmanik: bookbinder from Cieszyn   Download   Download   Download
  Order in books: introduction to modern history of libraries   Download   Download   Download
  Long life of a monastery library   Download   Download   Download
  Lutherans’ books from the XVI-XVII c.  Download   Download   Download
  Lutherans’ books from the XVIII-XIX c.   Download   Download   Download
  Investigator Tessinensis. Find answers to 10 riddles to excel in Cieszyn’s historical resources   Download  Download   Download