On the 19th of August 2008, DIGITAL-CENTER Company initiated digital conversion operations related to Cieszyn’s Historical Library collections.

• 90 000 pages of manuscripts,
• 223 000 pages of newspapers and magazines,
• 96 000 microfilm frames.

For the conversion process, DIGITAL-CENTER is using the latest equipment in order to ensure adequate protection of digitalized collections with the use of the following solutions:
• document scanning with cold-light illumination,
• document scanning with a safe distance of the light source applied,
• document scanning with strip light illumination, which limits document exposure to spot lighting to 0,3 seconds as maximum,
• placing the scanned document on a special deck providing position control depending on document thickness, as well as sufficient and safe pressure applied to the digitalized page placed on the scanner glass surface.

Digital conversion is performed with the use of Zeutschel and Canon equipment. Zeutschel OS 10000 and OS 10000TT scanners allow copying of documents with the maximum size of A1. Canon MS-300 scanner will be used for microfilm digitalization. The discussed process will generate TIFF, PDF and Dejavu formats with 24 bit color depth. Resolution range of the scanned files is 300 – 600 DPI, depending on the quality of conversion settings for the resources.

At the last stage of the digital conversion process, all collections will be transferred to 35 mm microfilms. In this respect, DIGITAL-CENTER suggested the use of an innovative technology based on reproducing digital images on photographic films, which will ensure single-pass processing of copied collection items. Additionally, microfilming can follow image corrections of the scans.

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