Vulnerable magazines, especially those printed on acid papers, are temporarily protected in the bookbinder’s workshop of Cieszyn’s Main Historical Library with the use of “Neschen” tapes.

Those tapes are called filmoplasts and include thick, paper or transparent versions. The filmoplasts contain acid-free adhesives that do not penetrate the structure of paper, which makes the former easy to remove. This is very important, as those provisional measures used for vulnerable items should be “reversible”.

       For reinforcement of an entire magazine page, the laminating machine is used, as it allows even impregnation of large press sheets. With the use of the laminating machine, the page is covered with a sort of Japanese tissue (very thin paper), which shows preserving and reinforcing properties and can be used for surface protection. In some cases, such operation makes text reading more difficult, however, it does not matter in the case of prints. Just like in the process of taping, this is a reversible process as well – if needed, the sheet can be delaminated without impacting the condition of such item.